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    “HARBOR TECHNICAL SERVICES, INC.” (hereinafter referred to as“Harbor”)was registered in Houston, Texas, America.
    Harbor has a relatively strong technology and trade management and support team. They work and market in America and China, possess very rich organization management, technical service and cross-border trade experience and have excellent sense of team-work spirit.
    The key managers of Harbor have once been engaged more than 10 years on petroleum exploration and development technical services and site supervision work. The company has cooperated with oil companies like PetroChina, Sinopec, China National Offshore Oil Corp(CNOOC), Royal Dutch Shell, Pan-China(Canada), Reflection(Britain) and their subordinate companies, covering onshore and offshore petroleum development blocks in dozens of countries and regions like China, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Burma, Yemen, Nigeria, and Kazakhstan.
    The international trade personnel of Harbor often travel to countries all over the world, mainly for trades in oil, energy and tourism industries and the trading countries include countries and regions like America, China, Britain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Central Asia and Taiwan. The main business includes the import and export of oil exploration drilling (rigs) tools and the related small- and medium-size equipment, the supply of Oil field surface engineering associated equipment and spare parts; the import and export of petroleum technology and related softwares; the organization and reception services of professional technology communication conferences of oil companies, and the consultation and training services of oil exploration and development operation and advanced technology.
    Harbor has rich personnel and information resources.
    The CEO of Harbor, has organized, chose and assigned a large number of personnel involved in geophysical exploration and petroleum engineering operation. has around 30 years’ management and supervision experience of field operation in oil exploration and project management and has set up good and honest work relationship with oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell, Sinopec, CNOOC, Pan- China, PetroChina, etc.
    The company executive project manager, has around 10 years’ domestic and overseas work experience of mud logging, onsite geological supervision and project management and has successfully operated and managed several mud logging projects in Sudan, Iraq, Kazakhstan, etc.. He has been in charge of the supervision personnel recruitment and supervision project management and fulfilled the personnel recruitment, technical training and technical support work since 2008.
    The deputy general manager and project manager of trade, has been engaged more than 10 years in company affairs and project management, being experienced in international trade, project and operation management work. Peter used to organize and participate in the project bidding, project management, technical training and conference planning and reception work of large-scale multinational corporations and has fulfilled several projects of petroleum technology and the bundled software and equipment import and export trade between countries like America and China, the Middle East and Africa.
    The director of human resources and technical training has been engaged more than 10 years in human resources management in petroleum industry, having rich experienced recruitment and management of petroleum professionals. The director has organized and participated in the recruitment of hundreds of petroleum project supervisors and fulfilled several human resource training, technical training and biding and bid inviting projects.
    The manager of administration and international trade, has been engaged 8 years in tourism, reception and international trade work and has rich local work experience in America. Lin has participated in international import and export trade projects among countries and regions like America, Taiwan, UAE, Britain and China, and organized and received large-scale petroleum technology seminar and training conferences.
    Harbor has set up harmonic cooperation relationship with oil companies and material supplement companies all over the world, has abundant information channels, which can be utilized to provide higher-quality and more satisfactory service to Clients.
    Company organization chart of Harbor:

Company address:800 West Sam Houston Parkway, Suite 101, Houston, Texas 77042
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