Business   Scope   of   Harbor

    Harbor is a technical service-oriented company, also offers technical training and international trade.
    The technical service includes exploration, development, storage and transportation of oil-gas field, dedicated to providing technical services to oil and gas investors both home and aboard in technical design, project supervision (geographical prospecting, well drilling, geology, oil test, surface engineering, etc.), technical consulting and training of exploration and development, as well as supervision and management of oil extraction techniques, oil-gas gathering and transportation.
    Harbor also builds internet information technology platform, sets up a global talent pool of oil technology professionals and offers special technology consulting services, utilizing the wisdom of the petroleum engineering specialists to provide real-time
diagnosis, analysis and solution of the production and technology problems during on-site engineering operations.
    The technical training includes organizing and holding various technology trainings in America or inviting the celebrities in oil industry and the professionals mastering advanced technology to China for lecturing and training.
    The international trade includes the import and export of oil technology, software and equipment, as well as the bulk material and special instrument and materials needed in oil exploration projects.

Company address:800 West Sam Houston Parkway, Suite 101, Houston, Texas 77042
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